Teletype # 13-0060, Regarding Re – Organization of the Detroit Police Department{0}

re: teletype # 13-0060                                         REORGANIZATION OF THE DETROIT

                                                                                    POLICE DEPARTMENT


As a result of dwindling resources, the Detroit Police Department has found it necessary to evaluate its organizational structure. A committee was formed and surveys were collected from members who voluntarily chose to participate, which assisted in the overall determination of ways to maximize our ability to serve the citizens of the City of Detroit.  The results of this analysis finalized long term and short term plans for the reorganization of the department.  The priorities must be:

Officer Safety

  • Preservation of Life
  • Serve Citizens
  • Arrest Offenders
  • Prevent/Discourage and Investigate Crime

This communication is official notice that Phase I of the reorganization of the department will begin on Monday, March 4, 2013, and will be a continuous endeavor.  Phase I will include the elimination of the Tactical Mobile Unit and Gang Squad.  A teletype announcing transfers to the Homicide Unit, Criminal Investigations and the Traffic Enforcement Unit will also be issued.

Please keep in mind that Phase II of the reorganization plan is forthcoming.

We thank you for your continued dedication and professionalism as we endeavor to work together although tough decisions must be made to address these tough times.