Payroll Processing Errors{0}

TELETYPE #15 -0664            



Police Payroll has discovered issues that have occurred in the processing of the payroll for Friday, July 10, 2015. Some shift premiums, deductions from banked time and overtime did not process correctly for the split payroll. Therefore, some members will only receive a standard eighty (80) hour payroll check. Payroll has already begun the necessary steps to correct these errors. However, all eligible members should receive their appropriate uniform allowances on the July 10, 2015, pay date.


Additionally, the system has also generated some floating, bonus vacation or reserve bank time in error. Police and City of Detroit Payroll are aware of these issues and working diligently to resolve these errors.


TINA M. TOLIVER                                                    LASHINDA T. STAIR

Second Deputy Chief                                                 First Assistant Chief                                                   

Budget Operations                                                                                   Office of the Chief of Police