DPLSA addressing the Important Matter of Retired City Employee Spouses Being Removed From Active Spouses Coverage Who Pay Family Coverage{0}

Today, DPLSA President was asked this morning to address City Council by Council President Brenda Jones regarding the removal of Retired city of Detroit Spouses from active Employee Healthcare.  After a long discussion with council, council immediately asked their Legal Advisor and Law Department to take on this matter to determine if this practice is discriminatory.
Further, Council President and other members of Council found it alarming that distinguished retired members (spouses) that served the city in any capacity (police, fire, dpw, etc…) married to an active employee could no longer cover the retired spouse, BUT, if there were no affiliation with the city as an employer, coverage would be continued.
Lastly, as a result of the council meeting, President Young stated that we would be immediately filing the necessary grievance, unfair labor practice, and seeking all legal remedies.
As this is a time sensitive matter, we are sending out multiple emails in which you should have received from JFK as well, asking for this needed information.
Also, if you were not aware of the News story completed last week regarding this issue, Please see that attached web link below for news story conducted by FOX2 which President Mark Young and several other members addressed this egregious discriminatory practice.