Detroit Police Department “Field Day”{0}

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As part of the 150th Anniversary Celebration, the Detroit Police Department, will host a “Field Day.”  The Field Day is scheduled for September 12, 2015 and will take place at the Adam Butzel RecreationCenter located at 10500 Lyndon from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The events will include the following; 


  • 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament;
  • 4 by 1 (Relay);
  • 100 Meter Dash;
  • Softball Tournament;
  • Tug of War Competition;
  • Obstacle Course Competition (Dummy Drag, Tunnel Run, etc…);
  • Drills and Ceremonies;


    Any member interested in volunteering as a coach or referee for any of the above listed events, please contact Lieutenant Elaine Miles at 313-596-2520 or Sergeant James Coles at 313-596-2700 by July 17th, 2015 for more information. There will be on-line registration for members interested in participating in any of the above listed events. Additional information regarding Field Day, on-line registration, and the requirements for the Drills and Ceremonies competition is forthcoming.

    ELAINE R. MILES                                             TODD A. BETTISON

    Lieutenant                                                                  Commander

    Chief’s Neighborhood Liaison                               Office of the Chief