ReliaStar Life Insurance rate increase for the Active Membership{0}

Dear DPLSA Membership,

In mid-2015, the Executive Board was notified by ReliaStar Life Insurance that a rate increase would occur in early 2016.  The increase was due to the number of death claims submitted during 2014 and early 2015.  This information was relayed to the delegates and the entire membership as well.

Yesterday afternoon, we received the rate increase from ReliaStar which represents a 67% increase bi-weekly.

Below is the breakdown of the new rates that will be reflected on the February 5, 2016 pay:

40700-Single rate was $14.68.  New rate is 24.52, bi-weekly (an increase of $9.84)

40702-Family rate was $19.68.  New Rate is 32.82, bi-weekly (increase of $ 13.17)

The coverage remains the same at $50,000.

Also if there is any member of the DPLSA who did not elect the Reliastar Insurance and wishes to do so now they must do so by Tuesday, January 19, 2016, for this one time election. Normally Reliastar only allows you a one time election and that is once you get promoted. We have requested this additional election on behalf of the DPLSA due out of concerns for the Membership!

As always If you have any questions or concerns as always please feel free to contact us at (313) 961-5699.