Improved Deferred Compensation (457 B) Plan Options{0}

DPLSA Members,
The DPLSA Leadership has fought for and championed the ability for members to be afforded the opportunity to be able to increase and decrease their Deferred Compensation contributions without an open enrollment period.
Working with the City they have agreed to allow members to elect to make changes throughout the year. The Member can make the elections to increase or decrease their Deferred Compensation (457 B) Plan by going to room 332 on the 3rd Floor of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Building. Ms. Olga Johnson is the individual that will be processing the elections. Once you make the elections it will be reflected within (30) days under normal circumstances.
The City will be forwarding additional correspondence in the very near future regarding this important issue but members can make their elections immediately by following the instructions listed above. Once again we will keep you informed regarding this and any other matters that affect the membership!