No COPS TRUST Health Care Option for City of Detroit Public Safety for 2017{0}

DPLSA Members,
There will be NO COPS Trust option offered during the 2017 Open Enrollment. During the October Cops Trust Board of Directors Meeting the Detroit Public Safety Entities the DPLSA, DPOA, DFFA and the DPCOA all voted for 2017 Health Care rates to be offered by COPS Trust. At the conclusion of the Board Meeting we were out voted by other members of the COPS Trust Board citing “Adverse Selection” meaning excessive usage by members who have chronic and pre-existing medical conditions. During the same meeting Cops Trust stated that for the Detroit group that every one dollar they were receiving COPS Trust was spending $5.40.
If a member opted for the 2016 Cops Trust Plan by law Cops Trust must offer the member a rate but expect the rate to be extremely high! Cops Trust was supposed to inform the Board of Directors of the rates and the plan to be offered to the members who are currently in COPS Trust but to this date we still have not received the information.
We also have not received the information, plan nor rates for a 2017 VSP Vision Plan that was offered by U.S Health and Life after making inquires, we will keep you informed!
We are working to receive the rates and plan from COPS Trust so that they will be forwarded to you immediately! Please review the previous information forwarded regarding the 2017 Open Enrollment.